Database info not coming through

Romuba 09 Mar, 2010
I have created a form and everything on the form is working beautifully now that some small but problematic code was removed.

I have now noticed that the info from the form is not visible to view in teh backend. I have tried to ensure all the code is correct but I have obviously missed something.

I have attached screen shots of what I see and hopefully it can be sorted out simply.

GreyHead 09 Mar, 2010
Hi Ross,

This is usually because the columns don't exist in the table. The ChronoForms Create Table UI makes this easy to do :-(

Use the CF Table Manager or PHPMyAdmin to see what columns are defined.

Romuba 09 Mar, 2010
Thanks Bob

I had done the automatic create Tables thingy but didn't realise that I had to change the little ticks to crosses in order for things to work. Sorted now, thanks.
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