Email Information not being sent with message.

Nesta 19 Feb, 2010
Firstly, thanks to Chronoforms for an excellent plugin. I've used it before without a hitch although it has been about a year and for some reason the form I've just created is not sending the email address of the person leaving a message on the contact form.

To clarify, I am receiving the message and their name but not their email address. Apologies, if this has been answered before, if it has a link would be handy as I've searched the forums but couldn't find an answer. Probably, I suspect because it is a simple oversight.

Thanks in Advance
GreyHead 19 Feb, 2010
Hi Nesta,

Have you added the email field to the Email Template?

Nesta 19 Feb, 2010
That did the trick Bob. You have my gratitude. All the Best. Nesta.
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