Read Field Names from Community Builder Tables

mapme 05 Feb, 2010
I am hoping to use a Chronoform that reads certain information from the Community Builder tables that I am using. For example, I want the user's email address and cell phone number to appear as the values for hidden fields in my Chronoforms.

I can easily bring in the value for Username into the form using the following code:
<?PHP  $user = JFactory::getUser(); ?>
<?PHP echo $user->username;?>

However I cannot find out how to bring in my custom tables that are not part of the standard com_user or Community Builder setup.

Is this possible with Chronoforms?


GreyHead 05 Feb, 2010
Hi Brendan,

You are probably going to need to write the MySQL queries to read in the data you need. It's quite straightforward provided that you know the table and column names that CB is using.

phronesis 24 Mar, 2010

could you provide a short example of such a sintax ?

I'm trying to insert mysql queries inside the form code but without success.

Thanks !
GreyHead 24 Mar, 2010
Hi phronesis,

There are hundreds of examples of MySQL queries in the forums here - try searching on 'query'

mapme 24 Mar, 2010
I imagine the request is with regards to where the query should be located in the Chronoform and how the dynamic content is displayed.
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