Send to Multiple Recipients

dotwizards 02 Feb, 2010
This is probably easy, and I apologize if it has already been answered. I couldn't find an answer on the forum.

I have a really easy form to broadcast an email for an intranet. I have a list of 50 emails to send these broadcast emails - there is no need to select who it's going to, because it's all 50 addresses.

When I try to paste the 50 names into the Email to field, it truncates after 150 characters. I need 1190 characters. Is there anywhere I can modify this? Thanks.
jbudd 02 Feb, 2010
You could have the form send to just one email address which has a mail forwarder set up
GreyHead 02 Feb, 2010
Hi jbudd,

You can edit the input attributes in the Form HTML edit box.

But with this I'd probably use a little PHP script in the OnSubmit Before box to add them all automatically. Check FAQ #31 for some basic code that could be adapted.

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