Joomla Registration does not work (followed tutorial)

whywaitweb 30 Jan, 2010
hmm, it might be looking around the forum, this business of the green bar with a red x in it for the Joomla Registration plugin, (not in the pdf) be honest, I find that a little counter intuitive, bet hey ho..
GreyHead 30 Jan, 2010
Hi Mark,

It is counter intuitive - I agree 100%. Hopefully Max will fix it soon.

whywaitweb 30 Jan, 2010
Cheers Bob,

You seem the main man around here, hows life in Brittany, my parents live near La Rochelle...?

Quick Question, now I have registration working, if I need to automatically record all date in my admin, + export to xls, data thats off more involved forms, do I need this ChronoConnect component as well?

GreyHead 31 Jan, 2010
Hi whywaitweb,

This little corner of Brittany (as far from La Rochelle - or anywhere else - as you can get while staying in Brittany) is quiet and peaceful - though yestreday's sunshine has been replaced by a scattering of snow and a dismal grey morning.

You don't need ChronoConnectivity to export to XLS, you can do that (or CSV) from the Data View in ChronoForms.

ChronoConnectivity is designed for displaying lists of data (usually though not necessarily saved from forms) from a table with optional filters.

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