SOLVED How do I attach a PDF to an e-mail?

Lyrical Lou 29 Jan, 2010
I have had a look at the FAQs and searched for this topic, but can't seem to find a solution.

I have enabled attachments in the Setup Emails tab, but can't find where I tell the email which document to attach from the Media Manager?

Thank you in advance.
GreyHead 29 Jan, 2010
Hi Lou,

Add this to the OnSubmit Before box and change the fle name.
$form_id = $MyForm->formrow->id;
$MyUploads =& CFUploads::getInstance($form_id);
$MyUploads->attachments[] = 'images/newsletter.pdf';

Lyrical Lou 29 Jan, 2010
Thanks Bob.
Much appreciated.

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