the coloured link!!!!

Anke 28 Jan, 2010
hello you all there,
I downloaded the latest chronoforms, it looks good. still I can't pay your license, I work volontairy for an adoptionsociety and your guess is right: no money.
My problem is: the coloured link (I use the JSN template with colour orange) and all links are orange! (a real dutchman :mrgreen: , can't help!)
I put the next code (I found it in your forum) in my template.css but it doesn't work
.chronoform a{

I also tried:
.chronoform a{

When I look with firebug I see the code which I put in red for the quick look.
So, what do I do wrong?
Can you help me please? Thanks in advance, Anke
O ja, the link to the form:
GreyHead 28 Jan, 2010
Hi anke,

If you can't afford the license then leave the link there please.

Anke 28 Jan, 2010
that's no problem, but I want to change the colour in white, the link stays but its not so prominent.
the problem is that your site doesn't appear in a new window, it comes instead of the form, maybe you can give me the code that the link goes to a new window then????
nml375 29 Jan, 2010
Using FireBug, it would seem your template's CSS is loaded after ChronoForm's, and with media preference, thus overruling anything you set in CF. Consider adding the custom styling to your template's CSS instead.

Anke 30 Jan, 2010
yes, I did.
and just for testing I put the
font-size: 40px;
too (to control) in the same place as I changed the color in white or red or .....
What happened? the size is changing in 40px, color doesn't change.

Meantime I am going to test other forms, for my customizers I don't want them to go off my site, they are confused then, and they are already confused by their big problems
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