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An idea for email notification

lemur posted Jan 26, 2010 at 15:59

this them was discussed here

and here
But without any solution, isn't it?

I want to use ChronoComments on another my site now, but I need this option - email notification.

Max (Admin) has wrote:

its a good idea and easy to do but to do it we have 1 of 2 options:
#1- add the necessary code which will work with one of the Joomla newsletters extensions! this will need choosing one of them which may not be favored by everybody and I need to study their code structure and any updates to this extension may make problems...etc
#2- I make a new simple newsletter extension which will be compatible with the comments and fully supported by me which means time and effort! So, I will think about it, if you have more ideas then you are welcome to let me know!

I have an idea. It is my idea (excuse me :-) ) and it was already realized by yvcomment
and it does work there.

A quote from the site of yvcomment:
Notify Authors about comments on their Articles.
1.Added: "Notify Authors about comments on their Articles" option to allow email notifications of Authors of Articles (and of Comments).
3.Added: "Content Subscription - Acajoom" plugin that implements subscribtion interface for "Acajoom News" Joomla! extension. Thanks to "lemur1" for providing the idea and code for integration with Acajoom.

It is about a few lines code.
I hope, Max will think about my suggestion.


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