Upload Artwork Question...

about2flip 23 Jan, 2010

I want to use ChronoForms(CF) to do the following:

Have users upload artwork.
Have artwork saved to DB associated with the user that is logged in.
Then I want to create an article that will display the artwork submitted using a thumbnail module.

My question is do I have to create a whole new DB for CF to do this?
Or is a DB created everytime you create a new form automatically.

If you can help me out or point me to anything on the forum that may have the answer will be greatly appreciated.

GreyHead 23 Jan, 2010
Hi about2flip,

You just need to create a new table in the database to save the data from your form. You can do this with the Create Table icon in the Forms Manager. Please see the Database tutorial from the Tutorials link above.

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