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Mineshaft 08 Jan, 2010
Okay i am lost....maybe i misunderstood what Chronoforms did.

I setup a looks great I have it connected to the menu and everything is swell. I click submit and bang perfect right to the thank you page I established.

Now....How the heck do I search the results of what i just input? Lets say in the submission for I chose favorite sport as Football. How do I search for all the people that also chose football?

I am confused because this does look exacly like what I wanted I am stumped and tired
GreyHead 08 Jan, 2010
Hi Mineshaft,

First off get some sleep.

Second, ChronoForms is a Form application it helps you collect data. What you do with it after that is up to you. There are many many different uses for forms.

If you just want to do the occasional search then saver the data to a databse table and use PHPMyAdmin to browse and filter it.

If you want a more sophisticated data display and search page then ChronoConnectivity provides that.

Mineshaft 10 Jan, 2010
Okay it seems I solved the error . My template doesn't like drop downs or boxes. I have the form made of all text inputs which is fine.

Now here we are. I have the form setup
it saves to the database properly (more on that in a second)
I have the database entry with all the results....

Now is there a tutorial on connectivity that will show how to queery that database?

Thats what I am trying to do basically is create a form on one end to collect data and then a form on the other to queery the data.

I am making progress but I still feel somewhat overwhelmed

p.s. what would the field ID be for the person entering the data? just "username" ?
GreyHead 10 Jan, 2010
Hi Mineshaft,

There are several threads on using ChronoConnectivity, one of them includes an worked example by benblee (maybe benlee).

You can use any name you like for the user_id - though I would reserver username for the user name.

If you use Create Table then ChronoForms saves the current user id to tables as cf_user_id.

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