Mail not sent

haniver 18 Dec, 2009
I have configured a very easy form with only two texboxes: username and e-mail. I configured the "setup emails" as well with my email in the "to" field, and the background is green and everything, but when I try to register a contact, I just don't get the mail... what could I be missing?
GreyHead 18 Dec, 2009
Hi Haniver,

Please turn Debug on in the Form general Tab and copy and post here the content of the page you see when you submit the form.

The most common reasons are (a) there is no working mailer on the site and (b) the email is being sent but for one reason or another it is being treated as possible spam and sent to a spam folder or binned.

haniver 21 Dec, 2009
OK, there mailer is not working. I will talk to the server administrator and post again. Thanks.
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