Cannot add checkboxes or radio buttons

jbourque 07 Dec, 2009

What am I missing? I have searched the forum did not see anyone else having this problem.

I am adding various checkboxes and radio buttons but they they do not appear in the form

<input type="checkbox" name="ck03" id="ck03" />

GreyHead 07 Dec, 2009
Hi Joe,

The code looks good to me. I would expect that to show a checkbox.

nml375 07 Dec, 2009
Hi Joe,
There seems to be an additional styling on your radio inputs being "display: none;".
I've seen this previously on some RocketTheme templates where there's some option to style forms to match the template, hiding the radio input and displaying a set of images with onClick events. This unfortunately does not always work so well, see if you can disable this in the template setup.

jbourque 07 Dec, 2009

You are da man !!! I was pounding my head against the desk looking for why this was happening you are right I have a rocketheme design as my base and it incorporates the css to use the same stylying.

Thanks for you info

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