Dynamic CC, Dynamic ReplyTo Email Not working

hswen 06 Dec, 2009
I'm new to ChronoForms.

I've set up a form to allow my users to ask questions. Upon form submission, emails will be forwarded to the customer service, myself and the submitter himself.

I've configured the "To" field to contain customer service and my email and "Dynamic CC" to the sender's email.

Both customer service and myself received the email but not the form submitter.

Any one experiencing the same problem? Help is appreciated.

GreyHead 06 Dec, 2009
Hi Harry,

Is your site confuigured to use the PHP Mail Function as the mailer?? That doesn't support CC or BCC, not sure why it just doesn't work.

hswen 07 Dec, 2009
Hi Bob,
I'm not sure about the mail function. Where to check this information? How do I configure my site with other mail functions? Is there a workaround for php mail function?


GreyHead 07 Dec, 2009
Hi Harry,

The site mail setup is in Site | Global Configuration | Server tab I think. You can change the settings there (using SMTP usually works well, you can use the Google Gmail SMTP server if your ISP doesn't support this.)

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