Submit button inactive in CF form

obisi7 14 Nov, 2009
I created a form in Dreamweaver CS4 and imported its code as I normally did and as recommended. However, the <submit> button is inactive and won't respond to a mouse click so I am unable to submit the form.

Please see url:

and I will appreciate your assistance. I have looked at all of the embedded codes but can't find the issue. Thx
nml375 14 Nov, 2009
At a first glance at the form (using FireBug), it would appear there's a transparent, interactive layer above the submit-button. Increasing the height of the CSSPanell_c from 400px to 435px allows me to interact with the button, as this pushes the CSSPanell_f layer down an additional 35px - just about enough to clear the button. Unfortunately, this leaves a white stripe at the bottom of the form.

obisi7 15 Nov, 2009
The transparent bar has been adjusted adequately in CS4 and it all works now. Thx for your insight and help. Cheers.
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