Changed 'Email Setup' - now form won't send

jfrizelle 12 Nov, 2009

I've been playing around with my first form, got it working nicely.

However, I wanted to change the 'From Email' to show the email address that was entered on the form (I called that field txtEmail when I was setting up the form). I went into 'Setup Emails' and created a new email container. I dragged the same fields across as previously, with the exception of 'From Email' - instead I dragged across 'Dynamic FromEmail'. It didn't ask me what field I wanted to pull into that (I thought it would - in the tooltip it says 'The wizard will let you pick one of the fields you created in step 1'). I entered '{txtEmail}' in that field, but when I opened my contact form and filled in the fields, it didn't send me an email. I changed the contents of the Dynamic FromEmail to just 'txtEmail' but it's still not sending me anything.

What am I doing wrong?

GreyHead 12 Nov, 2009
Hi jfrizelle,

As you worked out the Dynamic fields take just the field_name (not brackets, no quotes).

My guess is that the new setup is not 'enabled' - check the Email Setup Properties box.


PS I strongly recommend that you do **not** use the Dynamic From field, use Dynamic ReplyTo instead. Dynamic From significantly increases the likelihood of your emails being treated as spam and binned.
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