How to add e-mail attachment without file upload field

verz 21 Oct, 2009
Hi, I'd like to add my own file as an attachment to a confirmation e-mail after form submit action. Is it possible? I'm thinking - if there's the function to attach a user uploaded file, it shouldn't be a problem. I don't know how to add it when I'm able to customize only the html body of the messages. Or could I at least hide the file upload field from users and reach some default file (uploaded manually) from the e-mail template? Thank you very much, this is actually the first and only thing I'm missing in ChronoForms.
GreyHead 25 Oct, 2009
Hi verz,

Yes it is possible, you need to add the file name to the $attachments array that ChronoForm uses. You;ll find he process described a couple of times in the forums here.

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