On Submit code - before sending email

blue 14 Oct, 2009
Hi, I'm need to modify a value of a field before sending the email,
and I tried to modify the value on the $_POST var but when I recieve
the email the value is the original one (empty) and not the new one (a sum of values).

The new value is a sum from the values inserted in the form and
in the form is a hidden input field (final_value).

On Submit code - before sending email:

$_POST['final_value'] = $_POST['value_1'] + $_POST['value_2'];

Any one can help me on this?
Is this the way to do this modification?

GreyHead 14 Oct, 2009
Hi blue,

That looks OK but I think that there is a sequencing problem* in using this substitution in the email code. The workaround is to put a placeholder like ##final_value## in the email template and then search and replace this value in the OnSubmit Before Box.
$final_value = JRequest::getVar('value_1', 0, 'post) + JRequest::getVar('value_2', 0, 'post);
  $emails[0]->template = str_replace('##final_value##', $final_value, $emails[0]->template);


* The variable substitution in the email text is done before the OnSubmit Before code executes.
blue 19 Oct, 2009
Hi Bob,
thanks for the tip, it results fine🙂
blue 25 Nov, 2009

I was using the $email variable to replace some text in the template in the "On Submit code - before sending email:" like this:

	$emails[$i]->template = str_replace('{_tipo}', $tvalues['tipo'], $emails[$i]->template);
	$emails[$i]->template = str_replace('{_grupo}', $tvalues['grupo'], $emails[$i]->template);
	$emails[$i]->template = str_replace('{_valor_sem_iva}', number_format($tvalues['valor_sem_iva'], 2, ',', ' '), $emails[$i]->template);
	$emails[$i]->template = str_replace('{_taxa_adene_sem_iva}', number_format($tvalues['taxa_adene_sem_iva'], 2, ',', ' '), $emails[$i]->template);
	$emails[$i]->template = str_replace('{_valor_final_com_iva}', number_format($tvalues['valor_final_com_iva'], 2, ',', ' '), $emails[$i]->template);

	$emails[$i]->template = str_replace('{_tipo_de_imovel}', $tmvalue, $emails[$i]->template);
	$emails[$i]->template = str_replace('{_resposta}', $rvalue, $emails[$i]->template);

but now with the ChronoForms_V3.1_RC5 the $email variable seems to be NULL or empty,
this variable has change?
is there any other way to do this?

many thanks in advance
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