IE8 CSS Query (Chronoforms CSS loaded)

Mizpah 04 Oct, 2009
Heya Folks,

I am having a display issue with IE8 version 8.0.7100.0, I would love to know if its just me, or if others have found it / fixed it.

I have a standard radio control, as per this code:

<div class="form_item">
			<div class="form_element cf_radiobutton">
			<label class="cf_label" style="width: 150px;">Registration Type</label>
				<div class="float_left">
				<input value="Dealer" title="" class="radio" id="radio_1" name="reg_type" type="radio" onClick="showDiv('dealers');" />
				<label for="radio_1" class="radio_label">Dealer</label>
				<br />
				<input value="Customer" title="" class="radio" id="radio_2" name="reg_type" type="radio" onClick="showDiv('customers');" />
				<label for="radio_2" class="radio_label">Customer</label>
				<br />
			<div class="cfclear"> </div>

I have three querys, hopefully the image below will help to clarify: (Please scroll to bottom!)

[attachment=0]IE8 CSS.jpg[/attachment]

A) Once I remove the focus from a radio button, I am left with this green border (IE8 Only - this one is the real issue🙂 )
B) I need to come up with some CSS styling to improve the return button - has anyone already fixed this in the ppast ? (minor)
C) Ignore C! Tis a reminder to me to go edit out what I assume is the <hr /> from the CSS attached to the fieldset!

Thanks as always!
GreyHead 05 Oct, 2009
Hi Mizpah,

I'm pretty certain that this is a result of the consolidated_common.css file that ChronoForms loads which includes these two styles that set red and green borders around valid or invalid fields.
.LV_valid_field, input.LV_valid_field:hover, input.LV_valid_field:active, textarea.LV_valid_field:hover, textarea.LV_valid_field:active, .fieldWithErrors input.LV_valid_field, .fieldWithErrors textarea.LV_valid_field {
border:1px solid #00CC00;
.LV_invalid_field, input.LV_invalid_field:hover, input.LV_invalid_field:active, textarea.LV_invalid_field:hover, textarea.LV_invalid_field:active, .fieldWithErrors input.LV_invalid_field, .fieldWithErrors textarea.LV_invalid_field {
border:1px solid #CC0000;
You perhaps need to over-ride these in the button input tags.

Mizpah 06 Oct, 2009
Ah Bingo!

I had thought it was an error as it was only happening wthin IE - off to test!
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