Custom field data not saved

jvince 30 Sep, 2009
Using current CF version

I copied a form exactly (AFAIK) on each screen when creating a new form from another site where everything works well.

Unfortunately, it seems I can't get any of the custom fields to save the data.
All it saves is the data for the following fields:
cf_id uid recordtime ipaddress cf_user_id

I also tried with the basicDemo form that is included, and get same issue.
Created the table OK, and enabled data storage, and yes all field names are correct.

Any ideas please?
Many thanks,

- Vince
GreyHead 30 Sep, 2009
Hi Vince,

Force a refresh of the DB table that ChronoForms keeps. Set the DB connection to 'No' save the form, open the form again re-set the DB Connection to Yes and re-save the form. With luck that will fix it.

jake7 30 Sep, 2009
I created my first form yesterday and I had a simular problem, all my fault though. Make sure that in the create form option that the fields you want to save are highlighted in green. I got a little confused because I thought the little green ticks on the red boxes meant those were the fields selected....doooh.

Hope you problem is that simple...goodluck.
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