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infantrie 23 Sep, 2009
i can't find any reference to outputting data back on to the front end, not as an email. is there a way to display data on what i guess would be another form which is viewd by the user? in this case, the user enters a security symbol, and has pricing and other data related to the security returned. the data returned will come from tables in the database and from excel. i'm pretty sure i can figure out how to pull all those things together, but at this point, i simply con't see where to put the data other than an email. .
GreyHead 23 Sep, 2009
Hi infantrie,

Yes, there are several ways to do this:

a) Create a Chronoforms 'form' that displays data. (Although ChronoForms is a forms extension and will add form tags to the output you can actually use it to display any html+php.) You can have a little form with some kind of selector and then display the data, or you can link directly from a url with an id in it to show a result.

NB: The profile plugin is designed to help display a single record from a database.

b) You can display a list of results using ChronoConenctivity and include a form to 'filter' and/or links to view more detailed info.

c) Probably not an answer for you but you can also save from ChronoForms into a standard Joomla article and display info that way.

infantrie 23 Sep, 2009

thanks a ton for getting back so quickly! this will definitely get me on my way. if i know it can be done, i can make it happen. you made my day. (that doesn't say much for my day, i know..)

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