Validation only works after submit is this normal

kiwidesign 23 Sep, 2009
Hi all,

I have the load chronoforms css/js set to yes and have several fields setup to validate required
When you first go to the for if you tab through (i.e. don't put anything in the required fields) nothing happens.
If you click submit then the form submits (though it shouldn't)

If I add in some server side check under the validation tab and turn server side validation on if I try the above
I get the expected error from the server side check AND also the normal required validation now works (i.e. if I tab through the fields I get the red error messages.

Does anyone have any idea why I might not be getting these red validation messages on first load?

GreyHead 23 Sep, 2009
Hi Kate,

No idea, maybe the ChronoForms JS isn't loading? Can you post a link to the form please.

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