send form with joomla user data

webrp 14 Sep, 2009

My forms are registered access, and I want it to be sent with the user data (name, username and email).
I ve been playing with forms admin (profile page and plugin) but cant make it work.

Could somebody tel me how can I achieve this?

GreyHead 14 Sep, 2009
Hi webrp,

Please search here on 'getUser' and you'll find many threads on how to do this.

GreyHead 14 Sep, 2009
Hi webpr,

From the Plugin Help Tab

Help for Profile Table plugin
The plugin allows you to read values from any table in the database and include them in your form.
It was originally designed to allow access to the jos_users table to create member profiles but it is capable of much more.
To use the plugin effectively you will need to call the form from a link on your site. This could be from - for example a list of users, or topics, or events where you have some related information in a database table.

* Choose the table you want to use in the first drop-down e.g. jos_users to get a user's name and email.
* Select a field or column name from the table in the second drop down. This should be a field that will uniquely identify the record you want to use e.g. 'id' or 'username' for the jos_user table. NB This drop-down will not appear until you select a table in the first drop-down.
* In the Target field name box put the name of the field you will use to identify the record e.g. user_id. You will need to add this field to a url calling the form e.g. . . . &chronoformname=my_form&user_id=99
* You can then use information from this record in your form by putting {column_name} where you want it to appear e.g. {name} for a users name from the jos_users table.
* Once this plugin is configured you must enable it in the Form 'Plugins'' tab.

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