checkbox values not inserted in db table..

sheik 11 Sep, 2009
i have five checkboxes in my form. when i submit the form, checkbox value not insert in db table. why it is? how to insert the checkboxvalues (single or multiple values). i have only one field(for checkbox value) in database field.

i create my own table for insert the form values. i have one field for checkbox values in that database(db) table.

my form check box values
[]Information Technology ( Computers)
[]Fund Raising
[]Event Planning

how can i insert the checkbox values in db table?
GreyHead 11 Sep, 2009
Hi shiek,

Hard to tell without more information. Have you got "ChronoForms handle my posted arrays:" set to Yes in the General Tab?

sheik 11 Sep, 2009
hi Bob,

Thanks for reply..

i already set "yes" in ChronoForms handle my posted arrays..
but it is not working..

i want if i select advertising,event planning in form, this two values need to save in database field. i have one field in table. so i want to insert that advertising,event planning in that field separated by commas.

but now if i select the checkbox(s) it is not inserted..

i used Chronoforms V3.0 stable version
GreyHead 16 Sep, 2009
Hi sheik,,

Please post the form html for the checkboxes here. This really should work without any problem.

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