ChronoForms - You are not authorized to view this resource

njfrlng 05 Sep, 2009
Hey, I've been searching the forums for this problem I keep getting.

All my forms from chronoforms only work when I am logged in. When I log out I am unable to see them. Instead I just get a message saying "You are not authorized to view this resource"
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I've made sure the links are public.

When I open the link in the admin panel its the samething.

Am I missing a setting somewhere? Or am I just going crazy?

Would very much appreciate the help, just made my site live, I thought ChronoForms were workingface-meh-blank
GreyHead 05 Sep, 2009
Hi njfring,

Sorry, I'm too busy to play 'Hunt the Form' today. Please link directly to the form you are asking about.

I seem to remember that this problem used to show up when there were <form> tags in the Form HTML, but it could be something else in this case.

GreyHead 05 Sep, 2009

I can't see them logged in or logged out. Looks like you have them protected somehow in your site setup

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