Very bad factor in ChronoComments :(

soamz 03 Sep, 2009
IF anyone is using ChronoComments, then you must know that,you are making your site slow by 500%.

I just did a magazine website for a client and we had a lot of news module, where articles few text and read more are shown and all.

But when I did a analysis by FireBug, ySlow,etc, I saw that, I have 32 news being shown and that way, around 4 javascripts of chronoComments being loaded for this 32 times..
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So, around 130 Javascript files getting loaded..
Too bad.. 😶
GreyHead 03 Sep, 2009
Hi soamz,

There is one, maybe two, fixed versions of the ChronoComments files here in the forums. Have been for months now.

soamz 03 Sep, 2009
Hi bro..

I downloaded it from your Downloads Section only.

1.2 Express Install one..

😑 😑 😑
GreyHead 03 Sep, 2009
Hi Soamz,

The downloads and licensed versions are all manage by Max, why he hasn't updated them I have no idea.

If you want the fix then it's in the forums, if you want to complain, please contact Max through the Contact Us form.

soamz 03 Sep, 2009
Thats bad lol. 😛

Anyways, what keyword do I need to search or can you send me the thread link directly ?
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