URGENT - Register While Logged In?

ekull25 01 Sep, 2009
I'm working on a site that has a Chronoform that handles payments and Joomla registration.

The managers of the site also want to have a separate form that they (only) can use to manually register a new customer. I want to use a new form to handle this "manager" signup. The menu that gives access to this new form is only visible to "admins". When the manager tries to access this new form, they get the following error message:

"You can not re-register while you are already signed in"

Can someone help me get around this? I'm willing to pay for a prompt solution that works. NOTE: I'd rather not have to install something like Community Builder.

Thanks in advance.
nml375 01 Sep, 2009
While you cannot coax the Registration Plugin into register users while logged in, you could add some custom onsubmit code to do the registering. I believe I posted such code here on the forum a few weeks back, but I'd have to search for it though..

Rough outline though, create a new JUser object, set the needed parameters for the user, and then call the save() method.
Let me know if you need a more detailed description, or if you can't find the thread.

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