Confirmation Page plugin prevents sending of e-mail (again)

kidder 27 Aug, 2009
I have recently started to experiment with chronoforms. Excellent tool.
I have a problem to solve with the confirmation page and I found this post that could help but I did not find any answer to it.
I got exactly the same problem described in this post: if the Confirmation plugin is disabled the form data are written to the database and I can receive an email, if however the confirmation plugin is enabled, the confirmation page works but the form data are no more written to the database and also the email is not sent.
I enabled the debug and it confirms this behavior.
Any suggestion?
Many Thanks,
GreyHead 17 Sep, 2009
Hi Roberto,

I just ran a check and both database save and email send work OK for me. But not until the Submit button on the Conformation page is clicked.

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