How to send SMS on submit

wattagan 26 Aug, 2009
Hi there,
Great think this Chrono Forms ! Congratulations.

My problem is I just can't see where to put code to send an SMS when the form is submitted or email sent ?

All I need to do is execute the following

" "

I tried putting it in one of the Extra Form Code boxes but nothing happened.
It can't go in Form Code because that is all executed Before Submit isn't it ?

Many thanks in advance
Phil D
GreyHead 26 Aug, 2009
Hi wattagan.

Try the CURL plugin - that should work OK.

wattagan 26 Aug, 2009
Thanks, Tried cURL
Never heard of it before so looked it up to see what it was.
Tried to use it in Chrono but makes no sense to me yet.
No idea where to put the code or what the first tab listing of fields is for.
There are blank boxes beside the fields but what is supposed to go in them I have no idea.
Some sort of help system or even just one example would probably be all I need to work out how to dirive it.
At present I don't even know what the 3 pedals on the floor do !!! Let alone the big wheel in front of me🙂
GreyHead 26 Aug, 2009
Hi wattagan,

Have you tried the 'Help' tab in the plugin?

wattagan 27 Aug, 2009
No I haven't tried the Help tab in the plugin.
I would have though if I could find one.
All I can find is the usual Joomla help menu on the Joomla menu which offers
Joomla Help and System Info.
Apart from that I honestly can't find any sort of help or assistance other than the Info hover buttons which are particularly unhelpful in this case.
Suppose what they say might mean something if I already know how it was supposed to work though.
Sorry to be a pain but there doesn't seem to be anyone else to ask and I really have tried everything to work out how to do this.
It's not that I have no understanding. I have been writing software for over 20 years but I can't see from what is presented how to do this particular task.
GreyHead 27 Aug, 2009
Hi wattagan,

Maybe you have an older version. Here's a screen-shot from the current release.

deveteribus 18 Oct, 2009
Hi there,
I'm making a web site for a restaurant.
I installed chronoforms with the required fields to let people make reservations on line.
As you know, it is supposed to work by e-mail but my customer (the restaurant's owner) asked me whether it is possible to receive the bookings by sms instead of emails.
Before giving him an answer, i'd like to be sure of the real possibilities of sending sms by using curl plugin.
Is it true that i have just to put the sms gateway api address in the target url of curl params?
What else should i do to make it work properly?
thanks a lot for your help
GreyHead 18 Oct, 2009
Hi deveteribus,

The answer is "probably" - that's the best I can do from this information. What is the specification for the SMS gateway?

GreyHead 21 Oct, 2009
Hi Cecil,

Yes, Use the Redirect plugin.

Put in the URL box

Put the parts that don't change
into the text area at the bottom of the General Tab

Set the values of to and text in the boxes in the top part of the general tob to pick up the values from your form. You will need to build the values for these fields up in the Before Submit areas - i.e. build the text message to include the time, number of people,etc. from the form results.

deveteribus 21 Oct, 2009
Ok! I'll try it.
i'd like to send sms just to one mobile phone number... which and where is the correct field/code that i have to fill in with the phone number?

GreyHead 21 Oct, 2009
Hi Cecil,

I guess that the number is the 'to' parameter, if it's always the same move it into the textarea

ruijorgesilva1 09 Dec, 2013
Hi to all!

I'm posting this, because i've tried some of this instructions.
But it failed and let me explain.

Went to "redirect" enabled and put this on Target URL:


NOTE: I've changed mydomain, user (xxx), token (yyyyyy) to hide personal data access!

I'v tried to add the field, as you can see {input_text_22}.
The main target, is to send to the subscriber who have inserted the cellphone number, to receive an sms. 351 is Portugal prefix needeed to send the sms.

The result went 99% well. I've got the ok from my server. But the serve send the sms to 35122, wich is no number at all.

If you can, please help me in this problem. How can i insert this field to send an correct sms to the subscriber?

Thanks for your help!
Best regards to all.
Rui Silva
GreyHead 09 Dec, 2013
Hi Rui,

Using the ReDirect URL & ReDirect User actions will send the user to the URL you set which probably isn't what you need here (it is if you want to send the user to PayPal for example).

Use the CURL action instead - a quick forum search found this post which is for ChronoForms v3 - the settings for v4 are similar.

ruijorgesilva1 09 Dec, 2013
Hi GreyHead, Thanks for your reply.

Just help me, where do i put/find cURL.

I'm wondering if it is Custom Element (HTML/PHP)? If yes where do i put it?

Because i want to send the sms after submitting the form!

I'm working with CFV4 and cant' find cURL or similar.

Thanks for your help

Best Regards!
GreyHead 09 Dec, 2013
Hi Rui,

In CFV4 you need to use the Form Wizard* and it's in the Redirect/Remote Submit actions group.


* If you are using the Easy Wizard check the FAQs for one on changing to the Form Wizard.
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