bad email template

daffy 24 Aug, 2009
This is driving me barmy !

If the email template is deleted...wiped clean with select and then delete. Done because I have modified the email.
Then saved.

Then run the form...the old template is dug out and re-used.
I have cleaned the cache using tool clean cache.
But the same occurs.

I tried deleteing the email form and making another but still if I leave the template blank it does not
make a new one it just uses the old one.

If however I leave a single character such as x in the old template the system does not attempt to make a new one,
and of course nothing comes out.

This is no good because the old one had some wrong facts on it. I have debug on and I am catching
the emails myself and both debug and my isp show that the old, wrong template is being used.
I cannot get rid of it !!

How can I change the email template?
Can we have some syntax rules for making and storing a template.

GreyHead 24 Aug, 2009
Hi Dave,

Click View HTML on the Template editor - there's probably some invisible html left in there like <p> </p>. That's enough to stop the new template being created.

daffy 24 Aug, 2009
Thanks Bob,
I have now just about worked it out by example.
If you don't like the template, delete as far as possible then write a new one yourself
The template is just a little html page with the names of the variables enclosed in
curly brackets.
But this does not seem to work for 'subject' which does come up as the 'subject' of the email
but it might be nice to have it internally as well.
I am too exhausted just now to try your solution.
What about a little button which says 'delete template' or 're-do template'?
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