Help with CB registration.

mikec 18 Aug, 2009
Hello all,

I am trying to use CF with CB and here are the problems I am having.
First question is under the plugins TAB... do we want the CB Registration block to be green? or red? Confused🤨
Second ... do we need to have the DB connection set to yes or no?
Third... we have been able to write to the database with DB connection set to "YES" but the record contains no ID or User ID. I am assuming that we are not supposed to be writing to db using db connection?

What setting do we need to configure to get CB Registration with CF. Please give detail steps. Below is what I know.
1. Create the form.
2. Plugins Tab CB registration. (green or red?)
3. Back to forms Management select form then CB Registration.
4. Under General Tab mapped the fields
5. Tested with no luck.

Any help would be great.

ranail 19 Aug, 2009
DB connection is not used for CB Registration plugin. the CB Registration writes the form data to the file, that is what the mapping is all about, maps form field names to DB field names. CB field names must be published to see/map them.

Not sure what your seeing Green/Red on the plugin tab. I have no colors. you just check the box to enable it and optionally set the order for it to fire if multiple plugins.

What version are you using, maybe an older version had green/red instead of check box?

GreyHead 19 Aug, 2009
Hi mikec,

The new plugins tab (it's in the latest release) is confusing. Green Bar is what you need (the tick/cross icon denotes the action that it will do - click the tick on the red bar to enable and the cross on th green bar to disable).

As ranial says the CB Registration Plugin doesn't use the DB Connection to do the registration (you can use it to record other info into a table if you need to).

The CB Plugin is now a bit old - I believe that it still works OK with the new release of CB but I'm not certain.

ourweb 19 Aug, 2009
There is a bug in the CB plugin...... YOU ***MUST*** FILL IN THE NAME FIELD OF CB!!!!

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