How do I retain a custom variable?

erict 09 Aug, 2009
Here is the logical work flow for what I am doing:

- enter a given CC page with an additional &variable=something attached to the URL
- retain that value in a CF while either adding or editing a record
- upon submit keeping the value for further use while being returned to CC page we started on

I need to be able to access it through PHP, I don't care if its in POST or GET format but I cannot figure out how to get a CF page to return a pre-established value to a CC page. The kicker is the value has to be dynamically handled as it will be different depending on how the original CC page was entered.

My apologies if my question isn't clear, I will clarify in any way I can.

Thanks in advance.
GreyHead 09 Aug, 2009
Hi erict,

My best guess is that you'll save yourself some trouble if you save it to a session variable from the CC header, then you can easily pick it up again from the CF later.

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