Populating Chrono Forms with Comm. Builder profile

brendo.cunningham 28 Jul, 2009
I have found some discussions on this topic, but there does not seem to be a definitive answer. I am using CB 1.2.1 (downloaded today!)

I am hoping to allow some of my CB registered users to submit forms using the Chrono Forms component. However I want to make it an efficient task so I do not want them to keep entering their username, email address and other CB details that I have created. I had thought it a good idea to have hidden fields in the Chrono Form that would automatically populate with the CB details.

Has anybody achieved this? I am at a loss. It is relatively straightforward to populate Chronoforms fields using the standard Joomla registration table using the following method:

<?PHP  $user = JFactory::getUser(); ?>

However I require some custom fields from CB so using this method will not work.

If you have achieved this I would be very grateful if you could let me know your method.


nml375 28 Jul, 2009
Hi Brendan,
In CB 1.2, this was pretty much straightforward, and unless the CB-team has changed their database table structures in 1.2.1, should work fairly well still.

$user &= JFactory:getUser();
$db &= JFactory::getDBO();
$query = sprintf('SELECT * FROM %s WHERE %s = %i',
  $db->nameQuote('#__comprofiler'), /* Name of the database table, #__ will be replaced with the current
                                     * Joomla table prefix */
  $db->nameQuote('user_id'),        /* The field to search in the above table */
  $db->Quote($user->id)             /* The value to search for, in our case the user id from the user object */

$result = $db->loadObject();        /* Perform the query and retrieve the result as an object. */
<label for='custom_1'>My custom CB Field 1:</label><input name='custom_1' id='custom_1' value='<?
  if ($result)
    echo $result->custom_1;
?>' />

Written from memory, but should work..

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