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designbox 24 Jul, 2009
I just installed Chronoform and I got CURL plugin to work and based on the debug display, i successfully connected to an external website and it returns with the response I was expecting. But what's next? How do I go about displaying the CURL response? Should I use multipage?

Can someone guide me on "what's next" please. Thank you.

Joomla 1.5
Latest Chronoform
GreyHead 24 Jul, 2009
Hi designbox,

What do you want to do with the CURL response - just display it?

designbox 24 Jul, 2009
Hi Greyhead,

Thank you for your reply. Yes, I would like to just display the results.

However, in the future (and out of curiosity), should I want to use the results to pass variables to an email or paypal, which plugin or features should I be able to do it with?

Thank you again.
designbox 24 Jul, 2009
sorry, missed something in my reply... my forms queries a database that returns on the availability & quantity of certain items. Actually the debug display returns the values I want to display. but once i turn off the debug display, nothing appears after i submit the form. I am guessing i just need to put "echo $somestring" somewhere but I don't know where to place them.
GreyHead 25 Jul, 2009
Hi designbox,

Any PHP + HTML code that you put in the OnSubmit After code box will be displayed after the form is submitted.

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