Parse error

worldwide 19 Jul, 2009

ive got this error the time i sended it.

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_CONSTANT_ENCAPSED_STRING in /home/httpd/docs/paul_modellenken/components/com_chronocontact/libraries/chronoform.php(258) : eval()'d code on line 4

After sending this error occurs...but still the email form is beeing send.

Would be great if someone has any idea ... and please ask me for more details since i dont know what is all needed for this info.

Thanx in advance ;-)
GreyHead 19 Jul, 2009
Hi worldwide,

The error is from line 4 of the code in the Server Validation box. What do you have there?

worldwide 19 Jul, 2009
Yes i have, i want to check if the pasword is the same ... you know what i mean ?

This is what i have written :

global $mainframe;
if (JRequest::getVar('text_2')!=JRequest::getVar('text_3'))
returen 'De paswoorden zijn niet gelijk, AUB herhalen!';
worldwide 19 Jul, 2009
global $mainframe;
if(JRequest::getVar('text_2') != JRequest::getVar('text_3'))
return 'Uw wachtwoorden komen niet overeen, aub herhaalen!';

i have solved it .... it does like the space between ) != JRequest :mrgreen:

my mistake 🤣
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