Email templat wizzard keeps changing external link in email

stevenlips 17 Jul, 2009

I used chronoforms as a sendtofriend form and is working perfectly on one little detail (and being a nasty bugger as well:))

The problem is that the email editor in emails templates keeps changing an external link that I put in
a href="..//"

So, when a receiver clicks the link in the email, he will be directed to ..// instead of the website.

I tried to used the html button in the editor to change the link, but when I save it and reopen, its still not correct.

Anyone an idea how to solve this?
stevenlips 22 Jul, 2009
I figured it out with help of Max.

Sometimes the email editor is a bit inflexible. What you can do is:

- choose the form
- go to "set up emails"
- set "use emplate editor" in the properties box to "no"
- Close by saving
- open the form again and go to "email templates". You will see a texteditor, here you can add anything you like (including external links, wohoo!)

So Moderator, this thread can be closed as solved, thanks
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