How do I create form in an article?

malacite 14 Jul, 2009

I have downloaded chronoforms and setup a new form, on preview the link works a treat and all looks fine, although when I copy the link into an article the form is not displayed, and the page displayed is the website index page, mambots are on as I noticed this in a previous post.
Any help would be very well appreciated, thanks in advance.

Regards malacite
GreyHead 14 Jul, 2009
Hi malacite,

Please download, install and enable the ChronoForms Plugin/Mambot to do this, You can then include a form with {chronocontact}form_name{/chronocontact}

malacite 14 Jul, 2009
Hi Greyhead,

Many thanks for the swift reply!

I have loaded the submitcontent form, is this the form I now need to edit with the form wizard and then point to from my artice html?

On looking at my page all I see is the html, see below, could you please advise where I have made a mistake?

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Thanks malacite
GreyHead 14 Jul, 2009
Hi Malacite,

The Submit_Content for is for collecting form input and publishing the results as an article.

The ChronoForms Plugin/Mambot is for displaying a form as part of an article page.

Which are you trying to do here?

malacite 14 Jul, 2009
Hi Bob,

I have now got it working sorry I didnt understand the difference between the submitcontent and mambot download, have downloaded the Chronoforms Plugin now and it works a treat in my test article :-)

Many thanks !
gugely36 26 Jul, 2009
Hi there,

How can I post a CC form in a Article. The normal Way to paste a CF is {chronocontact}form_name{/chronocontact}, but htis does not work with CC as it says NO form with that name.

Can anyone help me?

Max_admin 27 Jul, 2009
Hi Michael,

unfortunately this is not possible now, no plugin is available for connectivity!

ChronoForms developer...
Did you try ChronoMyAdmin for managing your Joomla database tables ?
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