Massive Performance Problem

alleverlosungen 01 Jul, 2009
At first i have to say Thank You for the ChronoComments Component. Because its really very good and I like it

But latterly, I had a heavy performance Problem on my website because of this component.

I think the biggest factor is the large amount of Queries. For example I have an article with 200 Comments. The Component needs 400 Queries to the Mysql DB to create the page.

I think I red it in the forum that a solution for this issue will be come in the next release. Is that correct?

My Question is did you know when the new release is ready?

Greetings from Vienna!
dax 02 Jul, 2009
I guess I am also having same kind of problem at my site My host has informed me that the main page of site is eating up resources CPU/memory/and loads database. On analysis i saw many of the script and queries were from chronocomment components and recent comments module besides other things.
Any reply regarding performance improvment/enhancement would be welcome.
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