sh404SEF Plugin

LikeStuff 12 Jun, 2009

Is there a Plugin that can be used with sh404SEF. I saw one for Joomla 1.0 but not for 1.5.

GreyHead 12 Jun, 2009
Hi LikeStuff,

Somewhere there is an alpha plugin that I wrote for 1.5 a long time ago. I've never updated it (I think I was waiting for better 1.5 instructions from Yannick but I haven't seen any.

Most people seem to set ChronForms to 'skip' in the sh404sef config.

LikeStuff 12 Jun, 2009
Hi Greyhead,

Thanks for replying so quickly. I did set it to skip but got the message below when I click on the menu item that links to my chornoform page. Thanks!

There is no form with this name or may be the form is unpublished, Please check the form and the url and the form management

GreyHead 13 Jun, 2009
Hi LikeStuff,

Have you purged the URL cache?

You may need to do something else if the menu url isn't being recognised as a ChronoForms URL.

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