Use {field_name} in the HEADER

emanuel 03 Jun, 2009
Hi, It seams that the HEADER section in connectivity doesn't accept the {field_name}. It just appears literally (example: {name} in the header appears as {name} in the html page).
Of course I can run a query, but since there is one ready and used within the WHERE and BODY, why can't I use it in the Header?
I need it when I link to a single entry connection.

Another question: Going through the forum, reveals many patches. Some submitted at year 2008. It is a bit confusing - what is relevant and what isn't? Is there a list of relevant patches and their purpose?
GreyHead 03 Jun, 2009
Hi Emanuel,

The header section is only displayed once - unlike the body section which is dsiplayed once for each record.

What do you expect {name} to display in the header section - the first record?

There is a new version of ChronoConnectivity due for release shortly that will include the fixes posted here and more.

emanuel 03 Jun, 2009
OK. I understand the dilemma.
But since I need it for a single row (WHERE `id`={ID}), do I have to call the database with a new query, or is there already an object I can use. Something like $row->name; ?

Any estimation for the new version of CC release? I just started to develop an application based on CC which supposes to run in about two weeks. Should I wait?
GreyHead 06 Jun, 2009
Hi emanual,

The new version is released.

If you are only viewing a single record, then you can put your header info in the body box instead. The values will be availalbe there.

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