chronocontact css is embedded in the body

mac 08 May, 2009
my problem: in a login-Modul I set this link
<a href="userregistrierung">registrieren</a>

(userregistrierung) is a Menue with the Type ChronoContact.
When that Link is active, in the Sourcecode the 'com_chronocontact/css/style1.css rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" (and others) are embedded in the <body> tag.

CSS must be embedded in the <head> ?!

I found this when I searched the mistake - when I klick on the Link 'registrieren' on the left-site (Login-Module) than the whole Site goes a part to the right-site.
I do'nt found the solution.

Thanks for help.
Regards, Mac
GreyHead 08 May, 2009
Hi Mac,

Yes, that's correct. It shouldn't make a big difference to your site if there are styles and scripts in the body but it's not best practice.

I have a version of RC4.11 that loads everything into the <head> but the changes haven't yet made it into the official release. I'll update it to RC5.0 when I find the time.

mac 08 May, 2009
Hi Bob,
...but the CSS in the <body> is not the problem for my jumping :wink: Website?
Do you have a idea, what's wrong there 😟


Sorry, 😶 Mistake is found!
GreyHead 08 May, 2009
Hi Mac,

Glad you found it - well done!

Max_admin 10 May, 2009
Hi Bob, Mac,

This is already fixed in the last RCs

ChronoForms developer...
Did you try ChronoMyAdmin for managing your Joomla database tables ?
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