Wizard / Firefox problems

brownrock 03 May, 2009
Using RC 4.11. First time around wizard seemed to be working ok. Ended up reinstalling the component and second (and third and fourth time around) wizard stopped working, By this I mean that on the set up form page I CANNOT drag the various elements from the right hand menu to the form setup section on the left. This is a problem with my Firefox because the wizard seems to work fine with Opera and even IE. I've cleared the Firefox cache and the Joomla cache is disabled. Anyone have any insight as to what's happening? Is there some other cache I still need to clear?
GreyHead 03 May, 2009
Hi brownrock,

Sorry no ideas - from what I've seen hear clearing the FireFox cache usually seems to do the trick :-(

RC5.0 is out today - I know that Max has tweaked the wizard a bit - no idea if it till help your problem though.

brownrock 03 May, 2009

I'll install 5.0 and let you know if the problem disappears. I'm thinking that it could be a conflict with one of the FF extensions (Chrome?). By the way do I take the original license patch (I got it with RC 3.1 and simply overwrite the corresponding 5.0 file or do I need to get a new licensed version?
Max_admin 03 May, 2009
Hi brownrock,

Every new version comes with a new patch, you need to send to me through the contact us page to get the new patch, its a bit hard, but I'm working on a members area to have this done easier for users!🙂

ChronoForms developer...
Did you try ChronoMyAdmin for managing your Joomla database tables ?
brownrock 03 May, 2009
Thanks Max,

I did send you an e-mail but I'm thinking it must have ended up in never never land. I'll e-mail you again.
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