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BugzzBunny 16 Mar, 2009
Hi, i was trying to find something about this subject, but could only find very specific problems with very specific solutions.

On this page:

Im using chronoforms in a another compontent. The form is made dynamicly ie, the name of the eduction in this case is taken from the main component and put in a hidden form input. I would like to have captcha enabled for these forms, but everytime somebody fails to get that captcha right it redirects you to a chronocontact component page, what i would like it to do is to return to the previous page. Even better would be if that captcha would be validated trough maybe ajax and checked before submit, and it do a javascript alert box if the captcha is wrong.

Is there any way i can get this to work?
GreyHead 16 Mar, 2009
Hi BugzzBunny,

I think this is still a known bug with ChronoForms (it's very difficult to keep track of the page from a module or plugin and return to it correctly).

You can try using ReCaptcha which will keep you on the page - search here for directions on setting it up.

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