Instant Price Calculator

saadi78 10 Mar, 2009

I am pretty hopless with coding and I need a pricing calculator for a printing web site. I think it should be pretty easy for someone who knows what they are doing. Basically it needs to give a instant quote on business cards.

There are 20 card styles available, and each will have a price for either 250,500, 1000, 2000, 3000.

I want dropdown boxes with the card types, number of cards, and then the total diplayed after these are selected.

Also, I'm not sure how complicated this is but it could be good to have an order now button after the total that takes the customer to an order form that is then submitted by email.

I have chronoforms installed and have had a bit of a play with it, I understand how to get it to work using the wizard options, but due to my lack of coding knowledge anything beond this is a bit much.

If someone could quote on this that woud be great, I will pay via paypal once the script is working succesfully on my site.
seppo 10 Mar, 2009

I Think I could be of help here. Could you send me, in private message if possible if not it's ok, how much you have budgeted for this (how much you'd pay for the work). Also, to make correctly working form then I'd need infromation about how much each card-types price would be.

Both the calculator and order form can be done.
facollier 22 Mar, 2009
Hello, I´m working exactly in the same thing, for business card printing services. I´m working with, and for me is good, try this, you will find a good tool there
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