Form Wizard 3.1 does not save multiple entries

wvanderspek 26 Feb, 2009
Hi there,

I tried to make a new form in version 3.1 RC2 using the Form wizard. After saving the form multiple entries in a dropdown and checkbox are lost.
Only the first entry is saved. I tried again using the form wizard to add the other entries, but after saving the result stays the same.

GreyHead 26 Feb, 2009
Hi Willem,

This is a known bug in IE7 - found yesterday and Max is working on it (see the White Page thread). The temporary workaround is to use FireFox or Chrome which don't have the bug.

wvanderspek 26 Feb, 2009
Hi Bob,

Mostly using FireFox or Chome only tonight IE.

I'll swith to FireFox.

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