Dynamic From / To does not work

bensch 26 Feb, 2009
Hello, Who can help me?
Dynamic To does not work. Normal To works but Dynamic not.
Same for the From.

I ussed the next input filed names {text_5} is that correct???

Al form are working perfectly but only the mails with Dynamic fields doesn't work. Please help!
GreyHead 26 Feb, 2009
Hi bensch,

Just text_5 - no brackets, no quotes.

bensch 26 Feb, 2009
Thanks, it works.😀
pain 13 Mar, 2009
I am sorry, mr. GrayHead, but since it's not even mentioned in documentation, maybe you could just fix it so code accepts {text_2} too? This is first guess people trying to use after copying it from template. After they figure out it is not working, they try to google it and land on this page.

Thank you.
GreyHead 13 Mar, 2009
Hi pain,

Sorry, not mine to fix - I guess that Max might pick it up, we do have a few people who have this problem but frankly not many.

Max_admin 13 Mar, 2009
Hi pain,

I don't think its better to add just extra brackets to the field name in the dynamic fields, and because it was this way since a very early version of Chronoforms and as Bob said too few people get this confusion, its very hard to change this, at least we will get alot of complains from users who are used to using it as its now, backups will need to be changed..etc!

ChronoForms developer...
Did you try ChronoMyAdmin for managing your Joomla database tables ?
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