no submit button on form

mikeohmike 25 Feb, 2009
The tool is great so far! I'm excited about what it seems like I'll be able to do with it once I'm up to speed on the finer points of its use. First, I've set up a form with an enabled email address that is set to published, but when I preview the form, there is no submit button appearing. Is this indicative of my missing a set-up step? I am using verion 3.0 last stable. Thanks!
Becca800 25 Feb, 2009
I did that the first time too. You didn't add the button when you set up the form with your wizard. You have to add that in, it doesn't just become added in automatically. If you would rather not create a whole new form with the wizard, just create a new one briefly, only add the button, save it, then open it to retrieve the code, copy and paste the code to your own form.
Max_admin 25 Feb, 2009
Hi mikeohmike,

Just as Becca mentioned, you didn't add the button, if you have V3.1 RC2 installed then you can check your form and click "wizard edit" and you can reopen your form and drag the button!

ChronoForms developer...
Did you try ChronoMyAdmin for managing your Joomla database tables ?
mikeohmike 26 Feb, 2009
ack such an amateur move! thanks for your patience with me.
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