What Am I doing wrong?

rigg 09 Feb, 2009
I'm just trying to make a simple contact us page, and I'm having issue with setting it up so that the "To" field will auto populate with my email. At one point I had it working, but I deleted that form because I forgot to put in the submit button, and tried to set up another form using the wizard. I followed all the instruction to the pdf tutorial given by chronoengine, and still having issues. I tried inserting the email into the "dynamic to" part of the wizard, and I tried putting the email into the "to" part of the wizard. Still nothing. I can create the form, but the "To" field still won't populate with the email address. I've also tried to put the email into the "to" section of the "design your own form" part of the form. Please Help. I've been stuck on this for a while.
rigg 09 Feb, 2009
I figured out what I was doing wrong. Thanks anyways. I didn't even need a to field.
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