Submit URL and post to table in Joomla simultaneously

spletcher 01 Feb, 2009
Bob or others,

I read about adding a form action such as:

<form action='' method='POST'> in the Submit URL box

Is there anyway to submit the registration info to this outside database and also connect it to the Joomla database, for instance for registration at this same time?

I noticed you also said that if you use submit URL that none of the emails would be sent. No work around for this?

GreyHead 01 Feb, 2009
Hi Stan,

You can do this by adding code in the OnSubmit boxes to send the form data to an external database. You'll use the PHP functions fsockopen() or Curl (Curl is preferred but isn't always installed). There's a Curl plugin for Chronoforms in this thread with some instruction and it's also used in the plugin if you have that.

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