Only SOME email addresses recieve email

mogo 29 Jan, 2009

I love ChronoForms but....Confession time: I am using v2.5 on a Joomla 1.5x site becasue i just couldn't fathom the wizard in v3. Sorry :-(

I have created a form and it works however during my testing I am using various email addresses to send the form data to. I have discovered that some email addresses will receive the submited emails but other addresses don't. I have tried with 4 different email addesses and have 50% success rate.

Why could this be?
GreyHead 29 Jan, 2009
Hi mogo,

You don't need to use the Wizard in CF 3.0, just create a new form and put your code directly into the FormHTML box like the old version.

If some are being received and others aren't and the email addressess are valid then they are probably in a spam folder somewhere :-(

mogo 29 Jan, 2009
Thank you so much for your promt reply. I am most grateful and really impressed!

I shall try V3 again when the pressure is off :-)

Regarding the email problem I'm having: Firstly, I must make a correction to the success rate. The actual success rate was 75% i.e. 3 out of the 4 emails went through.

Unfortunately the 4th, and unsuccessful email address, in my test happens to be my client's email address where the emails should ulitmately arrive once testing proves 100%. Ooops *blush*. I contacted him to verify if he had some sort of spam filters/folders where these tests could have arrived at. He assured me not.

He then gave me another email address (a 5th address) to test which is hosted by the same company as the address (the 4th) which is not receiving emails. This 5th address works fine and receives the form data email.

I am therefore of the opinion that this is not so much a ChronoForm issue but rather a problem with the 4th email address, which is entered correctly by the way.

*sigh* So where to from here? I'm back at square one as far as resolvong this but at least I think i have another direction to look into. What i am supposed to look for i don't know.

Any ideas?
GreyHead 30 Jan, 2009
Hi mogo,

As you say - not a ChronoForms problem. I'd still go for the spam filter / auto-filing explanation even though the client says that it isn't so :-(

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