Of Modules, Plugins, Components, Mambots....

steveharman 20 Jan, 2009

I'm trying to use ChronoForms to display a simple 3-field form in an Joomla Article.

From distant memory of doing this once before I need to install the ChronoForms COMPONENT which gives me the editing functionality / Form WIzard etc. so I can create my form. Then I need to install something else which will allow me to call my form from HTML in my Joomla Article? Would this "something else" be the ChronoForms MODULE?

As always with Joomla I get tied up in knots with the oh-so-similar-terminology; Extensions, Components, Mambots, Chronoforms Plugins, Modules.... Aaaaargh! :-)

Many thanks,

GreyHead 20 Jan, 2009
Hi Steve,

Components are the main building blocks of Joomla and typically display output in the 'center' of the page.

Modules allow you to display output in the template blocks at the top bottom and side columns (components display in the central content area).

PlugIns (also called Mambots) allow one component to use output from another component.


PS This is a bit simplistic as all of these things can be tweaked!

PPS The ChronoForms component also has its own plugins which are nothing to do with the Joomla plugins above.
steveharman 20 Jan, 2009
Hi Bob,

That's precisely the kind of clear explanation I've been searching for, for ages! :-)

Much obliged.

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